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Being graduates of a MBA program, we are often asked by family, friends and colleagues: “What makes a great MBA program?”. They often allude to the quality of the professors, the opportunities for career advancement, the ability for networking during the one to two years that you are in the course. While all of these are hallmarks of a good program, what makes a great program is the community of alumni that you become a part of after you graduate.

Our alumni community is a truly unique in Hong Kong. We benefit  from being a top global program that brings business professionals from all over of the world to Hong Kong; but at the same time we are local, with a strong connection to our school and the community around it. While other top tier programs have a contingent of alumni calling Hong Kong home, we are fortunate enough to have our alma mater 40 minutes away. We have the advantage of being a solid fixture in the broader Hong Kong and regional community.


The impact that we as an alumni group have on our city and region expands from business, economics, politics, volunteerism, and sport. Throughout all these areas, our alumni have the opportunity of working together to develop ourselves and be a positive influence to our communities. This year we look to continue to come together as alumni, across different graduation years, different stages in our careers, and different countries of origin, in order to continue our alumni association’s legacy of giving back and trying to be a positive influence both for our members and the world around us.


We invite the more than 3,000 alumni globally and nearly 1,800 in Hong Kong to get involved; whether it be joining an event, creating an event, or offering advice to initiatives that we as a community should be involved in. Through the continuous involvement of our alumni, we are able to further solidify HKUST’s reputation as a premiere MBA program; and at the same time, solidify that we as an alumni community are a group at the forefront of leadership and excellence.


Michael A. Stansfield
President, HKUST MBA Alumni Association

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