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According to the Constitution, there are three types of members of MBAAA: Life, Affiliate and Student.

While only life members have voting rights, all members are entitled to enjoy all events organized by the Association.

Life Membership

All full-time or part-time students who have graduated from the MBA and EMBA programs of the University shall be eligible for Life Membership of the Association without expiry upon approval of the formal application with payment of the prescribed subscription fee (HK$ 500 if applicable).

All Life Members shall have the rights to:


use all facilities provided by the Association;


attend activities and functions arranged by the Association;


vote and speak in General Meetings;


nominate, second and be nominated for election;


inspect the minutes of General Meetings and Executive Committee Meetings;


make comments or complaints directly to the Executive Committee; and


hold office as an office bearer of the Association.

Affiliate Membership

All MBA exchange students / alumni and faculty members can join the Association as Affiliate Members. They do not have any voting rights.

If you wish to apply HKUST MBAAA membership, please send email to mbaaa@ust.hk


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